Problem for sprint

I not long since Rust, and yesterday by connecting me to my usual server, I could not sprinting.

The problem is that if it was a more peaceful game, it’ll do me no problem but now I just have to get noticed by a wolf and it’s over.

it cuts my desire to play this game which is a real heart for helping me. I look for solutions on google but I it does not work and I change my CFG in the steamapps folder and nothing more …

Nice attempt at English. I know the rules state English only, but you should post in your native language and ask the community for a decent translation. I’m guessing your problem is that you cannot sprint, and wildlife kills you easily. I do not know how to fix this problem. Maybe Sticky Keys is on?

yes sorry for my bad english!

and yes the keys are good, I checked both full of

I would try and reinstall rust.

already, have not changed anything

turn off your pc and turn it back on

already, have not changed anything…

Connect to another server? That server may be f*cked up or something, I dont know.

whenever I test, I go on different servers

Are you positive your shift key works?
Have you tried changing the key binding to another key other than shift?
Do you have another keyboard you could test it with?

Change sprint key to something else to see if it works.

this is not a problem of my keyboard and yes I try to change key but its not always work

up ?