Problem from legacy still an issue.

I’ve played Rust for a long time now, since right after the browser version was changed to steam. I put lotsa hours into both legacy and current rust and I found a common problem with both versions of the game still persistent over all this time. It’s the micro stutter/freezing. This freezing was something I first encountered when running around on the Legacy version. I assumed it would be gone since the new Rust is a different game pretty much, but the EXACT same freezing/stutter is happening on the new version. This happens on medium to high pop servers because of the buildings loading in I think, as a server with no buildings makes no lag. The best way to reproduce this problem for both legacy and current rust is by doing this:

Play on any medium to high pop server legacy/current and run in a straight line. About every 10 seconds (sometimes more/less) the game freezes for a half second.

I’m guessing this is to the buildings loading in from a distance or something, this stutter also makes my character stop for that split second allowing people to catch up and bash me with a rock :confused: Just the same as in legacy… I know (hope) it’s not my computer, cause since legacy I’ve changed computers quite a few times and I’ve always seen this problem. Right now I’m rocking an i5 4790k @ 4.9 OC and even with getting a constant 60+ fps the game drops down to 1fps when this stutter happens then instantly back to 60fps. I can still enjoy the game somewhat, but it’s really frustrating having to play with the stutter… Anyone else dealing with this? Anyone NOT having ANY stutter at all? If so please post rig specs… I see streamers playing this game like Lirik and getting the same stutter. Here are some more posts I’ve found with people having the same problem:

The point of this thread is to try and find the reason for this stutter and to try and get it fixed somehow so that Rust can be more enjoyable, because any server worth playing is going to have this stutter. People playing = buildings = render lag. No one sits around in empty building-less servers and it’s unrealistic that two years later this stutter is still not been addressed. When Rust is finished and released, will it have this render lag/stutter? I’d hope not. I’m not saying you dev’s don’t do this already, but if you can please take some time to play a few hours on one of the main official servers with a decent population, just to see what we see. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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isn’t it called rubber banding? that usually happens when a server is being DDOSed

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I’ve seen this issue a couple of times and I never understood why. But here’s what I know so far.

Most of the times, on mid to high populated servers, or on modded servers with high gathering rates, there are a lot of buildings. Or at least, there are zones with a lot of buildings.
Usually, you will lag in those areas, even though you aren’t actually looking at those buildings. I haven’t been able to reproduce the scenario quite fair, but from what I’m guessing, in a smaller area than your view sight, buildings might still remain loaded in your memory (meaning they still rendered).

Most of the times I can find myself around a lot of buildings and the game seems choppy. Having constant fps drops when moving or turning around the camera. Rarely when I stand still and i turn the camera around, I get around +5 to +10 fps depending on the number of objects are in my view site. Although, this does not stop my stuttering even though I reach the peak of 55-60 fps.

I’ve also noticed if you find a hot spot where the render lag happens each time you enter that area, and you then run back and fourth in and out of that area, the render lag keeps happening right on the dot. Maybe if there would be some way to have the area save to a temp file or something so it’s not being loaded in each time you enter/exit it. For example if you run around the area where your base is, all the area will save to the temp file and only update if something changes. Therefor you won’t get the render lag since everything is loaded for you already in the temp file. Only if you enter a new area you have not been that you may get the render lag.

Another idea would be to have F2 option that lets you toggle low resolution textures or for all the objects and buildings not in your immediate area. I’ve noticed sometimes nothing changes on my screen, but the render lag still happens. This must be because buildings that I don’t see on my screen are loading and the objects inside of them are loading. Making a low poly option or disabling these specific buildings from loading at all might be a good idea if possible.

One last suggestion would be to force the player to download the entire map once joining the server, anything that changes on the map after your download would be written to that same map file, kind of like it works now I guess? I don’t know if anything I said here is possible, but I would like to see this fixed and these are my shitty suggestions.

There is also another issue regarding this matter. I tried tweaking with the resolution a bit. It almost did nothing to improve my fps whatsoever, but for some reason, testing in the exact same place, it did improve the stuttering.
It just looks like it’s loading the same big textures. Several other options in the game, for my configuration at least have no impact or negative impact performance wise. Ex: Toning down the shader level heavily decreases my fps.
Overall, sometimes it is playable, sometimes it isn’t. I feel rather disappointed that I cannot play at a constant 60fps with no stuttering, but it seems that there are still issues that haven’t been covered. I’m still anxious to see any future performance tweaks.

i was on a friends server the other day while it was under DDOS attack and it was causing us to move in a stuttering manner sometimes even like a rubber banding, I’ve seen it happen heaps of times, but that’s not the only cause massive buildings concentrated in one spot tend to cause lag but not stuttering movement it tends make it so that you can barely move in some cases it causes what i call the Medusa Look, which is if you happen to looking its direction the game will seize up and you will need to reset your PC just to get out of it.
I’m using a Phenom X4 II 3.0, 8gb ram, 1gb HD5750 i get at the most 20-30 fps if im lucky and i do ok at good settings depending on the ping of the server. i have to make sure that there are no background downloads or bandwidth steal housemates watching shit shows.
I think y’all just have to wait until further optimization is applied. as they say “Suck it up Princess”