Problem getting $alpha to work on models

The .vmts are correctly set up, when viewing the material in Spawn Menu it is displayed with the correct alpha, however, when I spawn the model which uses the material, it does not change the alpha but its fully opaque. How do I fix this problem?

Did you include “$mostlyopaque” in the QC and “$translucent 1” in the VMTs?

Yes, it should be working. In menu, the material is displayed correctly, as you can see here[/t]

However, on the model, it does not change the alpha at all. Even when set to 0, it is always fully opaque

This seems to be happening on models that did not have this problem in the past, such as my previous models which I tested, suddenly stopped working with $alpha

Uhh are you talking about the flame? Cause in your in-game picture it does have transparency, what’s the problem?

It should be flickering, constantly changing the alpha, though on the model the alpha is always 1. I am using the UniformNoise proxy to randomize the alpha, and in Spawn Menu it is working correctly, but no luck on the model.

So the problem is the animation then, not the alpha. You said that it stays fully opaque which would imply that the transparency isn’t working at all.

It does not matter if I use the proxy to change the $alpha randomly or make a permanent $alpha, it will just not change the opacity on the model. I just cant seem to get $alpha working with ANY texture on ANY model, even on models which used to work fine a while ago. If anybody can try creating a material and using $alpha to change the opacity on a model, it would be a great help to know if it isnt working just for me, or if something went wrong and $alpha is completely broken