[PROBLEM] I can't play experimental xD

I can’t play it because I go to space once I start doing anything xD

BTW… Is there a good place where you can report bugs? Bug report section seems old to me and not being checked by developers

They’re adding a lot of things this morning that are probably having stability effects. Maybe wait till later this evening or tomorrow to try.

i got kick the same 5 or 6 time, Rcon said something like EAC not registered then a list of bone’s from player rig that were missing. should have got a screen shot but forgot :frowning:

ran rust then ran EAC setup don’t know why but it worked got about 30 mins then got booted, weird stuff. game is broke again for me since last update #760 won’t move off the you are sleeping page, click here not working.

ok waited for a few updates tried a couple of times but still can’t get on. this would not bother me but the server has a population of 200+, just wondering if i it’s just me, on the “you are asleep” page the Click here button is not working, i opened RCON the command is being run but with no effect.

just me or anyone else.

screen pic of rcon output,

still same after #769

Maybe you are awake, but the server was so bogged down, it couldnt send the client a notification to change such.

not sure about that it’s a 500 slot server and should be able to manage 200-250 player with ease.

still no go #770
or #771

Tried changing my Beta setting in steam to normal branch from experimental branch, this took my version down to #758 but still no go.

changed back update #772 still no go

We should keep this post to report bugs… What do you think?
I could update the main post each time we find something new that’s not working. It’s a great way to help developers, but I wanna be sure they’re gonna read it :smiley:

garry is on here Quite a lot, but really this should be in the bug section, i just jumped on but should not have done, this could do with moving to bug section (if that is possible Admins).

tried this: Removed all files rebooted, installed normal branch of rust got build #758 still the wakeup button not working, changed to Experimental branch got build #773 still nothing,

i am sure that #758 was a working one earlier.

will provide steam system info if that will help

10pm GMT #774 not working starting to think it my PC Don’t know what tho. ?
2.25am GMT #775 now working again :slight_smile: