Problem I foresee with fire arrows

Helk or hulk (I forgot) if you do decide to implement different arrow types for the bow (and maybe the crossbow) I am totally on board. Although I see one potential problem, with the fire arrows you can grief wooden and potentially other structures. If you give the fire arrow the abilility to spawn a fire entity, it would easy for a Naked to fire a couple fire arrows at a base and could grief the entire base with flames destroying the chests and the sleeping bag. I am just trying to alert you to this potential problem and you should consider what role the fire arrows will play in rust wisely.

Dear people other than devs if you are going to correct me with this, please do it nicely.

I’ve used the fire arrow on my server, it will not be that much damage and certainly won’t take a base down

The server I play on has a mod with fire arrows and the way they are implemented they are pretty balanced. Each shot has a significant low-grade fuel and cloth cost (making them hard to farm passively). The flame applies damage over time to a small area (doesn’t spread) and slows any people on fire. The flame also retains physics properties so it doesn’t stick to ceiling or walls and rolls down stairs. It’s fun to use and not at all overpowered. It’s perfect for freaking out an opponent, denying access to a doorway or smoking out someone hiding in a bush, but you will still need quite a few of these to take down wooden structures.

Oh ok never mind then. Potential briefing averted alright.

what do you call quite a few ?

Never bothered to count exactly, but more than 5. After wasting 100 fuel I still needed to finish the job by hand. But that’s a mod, no idea about balance when vanilla implements it.

Fire arrow would be nice… or smoke arrow… so long as an extinguisher in some form is added as well.

I’d love to burn down little wooden garbage houses with fire arrows :).

If incendiary rockets don’t fully ignite a house, what makes you think a metal arrowhead that’s on fire would?

They made a bucket animation in a older blog, check it out: