Problem Im Having

I just got this game this morning. been wanting it for awhile and finally got it for a decent price. And then this. Can’t play it. It will download all the files and then just give me a gray screen w/ the facepunch logo.

Here’s the problem w/screenshot on GitHub:

Just wondering if there is a fix, or if I have to wait until I receive a steam key.

-Thanks, JSG97

Yeah same here sometimes, but no one will answer you cuz douchebags :C

Guys- I’ve found this to server dependant. For example, this morning when getting on to the Aussie servers, they have been fine - but tonight - after the servers came back up from being down - they have been doing exactly what you have described there - other servers (US Central) seem to be working fine. I wouldn’t stress though, it’s happening to everyone - just be patient and it will all work out :smiley:

After a few tries I seem to be able to connect.

I have already answered this… Just wait. It will load. Stop being impatient and clicking off the screen. When it happens to me, I just let hit sit for 1-2 minutes and the game loads.