Problem Importing Into Hammer From Crafty (Video+Screens)

Issue: I am unable to import files into Hammer.

Goal: Make a Garry’s Mod Map in Blender > Export as .obj > Open .obj in Crafty > Export as .vmf > Open .vmf in Hammer and then continue making the finishing touches like texture/player spawns/etc.

History: I was unable to find anyone that is doing this. I have found people that “say” it is possible, but nobody has replied to their posts with HOW to do it so I am left to believe that it isn’t possible.

Video: [video][/video]

Screenshots of the steps that I’ve taken (Just screenshots of the same steps as the video):

1: Exporting to .obj from Blender

  1. Opening the .obj in Crafty (Object Viewer) and exporting to .vmf

  1. Opening the .vmf in Hammer and nothing happening (I already had the file open in the background as you can see by the filename at the top)

:snip: I am stupid

You mean use the source exporting tools in blender and make a .qc file for the model like I would for making a prop?

EDIT: Tried that and it still had the same result. And yes I scaled the model to be HUGE because I know how small blenders scale is vs hammer. :slight_smile:

Does the other maps work?

No, they do not. Those are other tests I’ve tried with various exporting file types and different programs. Nothing is working.

Has nobody seriously tried doing this?

:snip: I am stupid

As I stated in my reply to your first reply to the original post, I have tried treating it like a prop, exporting it with the blender source exporting tools and then making a .qc for it and compiling with crowbar.

I am exporting as .obj to be imported into crafty. Crafty then makes it into a .vmf (hammer map file)

:snip: I am stupid

I’m waiting for someone to post some actual results before I respond anymore. I don’t want to get banned for replying with pointless posts.

I’ve stated that I’ve already done that and that it doesn’t work. If You’d like I will record myself exporting through the blender source engine export tools too if you want, but I won’t reply anymore unless it requires me to.

I am so, so sorry. I completely misread your original post. I thought you were trying to import a single model into Hammer instead of entire map. I never even thought about importing a map, but it sounds like it would probably work. I downloaded Crafty to make sure it wasn’t just for certain shapes, and I exported as much stuff as I could, but no matter what, it always wrote a VMT that when I opened in Notepad++, had nothing in it but a camera position.

I think the only way you’re going to be able to do this is to use something other than Crafty (VMF exporting isn’t even officially listed on the website even though it is a feature), or just do it in Hammer instead. If you want to convert a complex model like the Suzanne head into a VMF, you will have to use displacements. But, you couldn’t possibly bend displacements into such a shape, and even if you could, the collisions and lighting would be barely functional. I doubt any programs would be able to do that, but basic rectangle and plane exporting may be possible.

I’m sorry for a useless post, but you’re going to have to find another tool to convert them, and I don’t think there are many. Good luck though.