Problem in EU server

Fix eu server Please, thx

YES FIX THE PROBLEM ON EU SERVER . And wipe because people able to dupe !

Dupe in EU? Thought that was fixed with the wipe 6 days ago?
And there is already a bug report regarding the EU Issue currently.

nobody is able to dupe… they it was fixed so i think there is no new way

This is in very early public development. Everything will change. Beware.

Pls read. Thx

Rama dupe/

you have pictures that show that? any information? i think no… so dont prank him…i dont know him ( he killed me sometimes but not more) but thats not a thing that you can put in this room and let it stand there…

what do you mean by Dupe?

Its kinda sad that the french people get mad when i and my friends raid them

Rama, the french racist yeah :stuck_out_tongue:
Why only french?!

Because its only the french people who get mad

And lets just stop this right here.

hi Rama, are you sure you dont want my french kiss !!! :dance:

bought the game and already i cant play it for fuck sacke i hope they die in my 40dollar

And how exacly you’re unable to play the game at all? US servers seem to be working just fine.

Wishing someone dies because you cant log into one of 3 ALPHA servers? just lol…

Just lol rama, you insult French people every time you play. French people aren’t mad they’re just exhausted because you and your friends are kids.

lol they arn’t kids? im not apart of rama but from what i seen myself, for some reason french testers have a bug up there… against rama and so far there hasn’t been a french (except for MaxOfS2D) that makes them look good, all french players do is wine and complain. but that’s just my opinion.

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and your a good example that rust or testing for rust isn’t just shits and giggles, so don’t be a dick about it because you “wanted it soo bad!”.