Problem in making All-Might ragdoll

Hi everyone !
I want to make a ragdoll of All-Might, because I’ve succeed in extract it from the game Boku No Hero Academia battle for All !
But I’ve got little problems:
First, The textures are weird, some of the textures look in “x-ray” mode, like here:

Then, the model looks “stuck” in T-pose, the only moving part is the spine:

And a last question, less important: can we export multiple .dae models to only one .smd file ?

How can I resolve these problems please ? :ohno:
Thank in advance !

PS:If you want, here is ragdoll’s file, you can test it or open .qc file or 3d models :

Help please !
Here is the model :

I don’t know what is wrong…

The texture’s Normals are Flipped. Or whatever.

The physics are not complete.

Oh okay ! What have I forgotten in physics ?
Is it in qc file ? How can I generate physic text in the qc file ?

You use HLMV, Goto Physics. Select the bone (NOT PELVIC BONE) and change the numbers in the middle part. After changing all Physics click Generate Physics QC or whatever it is. Than paste it into your .QC

OOH thank you ! I’ll try this !

And, is it possible to export multiple .dae files (or other 3d files) to an only .smd file ?
Because when I select for exemple 18 dae models and export them into 1 smd, it create 18 smd files.
D’you know if I can export multiple dae files without join them ? (because if I join them, textures don’t appear.)

:cry: It’s possible ? Or not ?

I’ve never worked with .dae. You should just import the .dae, Assign their textures and export all as 1 model (or submodels) as 1 smd. If you’ve done this, then you have messed up on making paths for their textures

I’ve succeed in exporting problem ! I just had to make a “group” with all parts and it worked ! There is a last problem: The texture. The texture is like in “x-ray” mode, it is very weird, look at this :

If you want, here are all files :

Recheck all of your .VMT. You have a certain line that is making them Cough Translucent. Cough
Wow, that was a terrible cough.

Hahah you help me but you are funny too ! In France too, everybody is sick !
Okay I’ll check this quickly ! Sneeze

Oh… It’s weird, as you can see all MMD files are correct, but the textures are still in “x-ray”…

I checked the .VMT and all had "Translucent “1” " in them.

Yes, yes, but I’ve corrected that, I forgeted to reupload it, here you are :

Thank you very much, I very appreciate your help !

The problem can be in the 3D model ?

I can’t find where is the problem…

the invisible parts have flipped normals. you can correct that by editing the mesh on a 3d editing program.
alternatively, just a guess,
try adding $alphatest 1 on the transparent textures, it could fix it but might lower the quality of some edges.

Oh hello fharen ! I tried to flip normals, but it’s worse… And alphatest doesn,t work…

I compiled your files without changing anything. No x-ray problem

Wow ! Thank you for spending time for me ! It’s weird, when I compile it with Crownar, il hlmv it’s in x-ray mode… I’ll try again ! :smile: