Problem installing Adv. Gyropod

Hi Guys

I was trying to install the Adv. Gyropod, but when I normally extracted it to addons it didn’t come up on the list. So I tried adding the files to LUA and it still didn’t work >:

Any ideas on what i should do?

The Gyropod is included in SBMP, so get that instead. Or maybe you want the new SBEP (has more epic tools than SBMP but still has a few minor bugs). Both SVNs are on my SVN tutorial.

Is SBMP the space build model pack? The SVN thing seems a touch daunting xD I’d try but I m not the admin on my computer and norton is a buzzkill >:

Is SBMP on

Get via SVN. Divran has a tut around here.

I tried to download the SVN thing, but the norton didn’t allow it so I’ll ask the admin in abit.

Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile:

Tortoise SVN itself doesn’t have viruses, but they can’t guarantee that the downloads are virus free. It’s basically just another way of downloading… You will just have to trust the Gmod lua coders :slight_smile:

The viruses aren’t the problem, its more that he has to log on and download it xD It’s just that norton doesn’t let me install stuff whatsoever, its very irritating.

Doesn’t norton consider the fact that the user might actually know what he is doing?

No, not realy


Also, you’re not actually installing anything, just downloading/moving files. I don’t get a UAC warning, so you’ll probably be okay once Tortoise is installed, but no gurantees.