Problem launching Rust.

Every time that I try to play Rust it’ll get past the downloading “bundle” process then once it is about to start it says that there’s a problem with Unity Web Player then closes, could anybody help?

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It says “The content was stopped because a fatal content error detected.”

I haven’t personally played Rust but these steps might be useful to you.

Go into your add / remove programs in the control panel and uninstall anything related to the Unity Web Player.

Go here:

Download the Unity Web Player for your OS / architecture, install and see if that helps.

I’d also recommend flushing your browser’s cache prior to attempting the re-launch of the game.

Hopefully this proves useful to your issue! :slight_smile:

I’ll try this, but I played it once and I didn’t know the controls, then somebody took advantage of that and murdered me… multiple times. But other than that it was nice.

Ok, if your using a laptop the problem is Rust doesn’t support integrated graphics however some laptops can use other graphics. To use non integrated graphics right click your browsers icon (not shortcut) then click run with graphics possessor then select graphics that is not integrated, run Rust then done (this only works on some laptops).

hope this helped :slight_smile: