Problem loading a charcter in an Openaura server.

I’ve recently tried to log into few Openaura servers and after I make a charcter and click on the button ‘load’ I get this error:
[lua\includes\extensions\panel.lua:409] attempt to call method ‘IsValid’ (a nil value)

I don’t know why it happans, and it never happaned to me before with older versions of Openarua, I asked the servers’ owners and they didn’t have a clue what’s wrong.
I am sorry that I have to ask it here, but I can’t ask in Cloud Sixteen, and I know alot of codders and good helpers are loging here sometime…

So thanks for reading, and hope you can help!

Ps. I didn’t change anything or added any addon since I played an openaura server with an older version and when I played a gamemode with Openaura-final.

Well Garry’s recent update did break openaura which might explain to issue.

On my server however, its fixed so I doubt you’ll get this issue.

Try joining a server with a high population so you know the gamemode has been fixed up and then see if you get that lua error then.

I have been having the same issue, but it seems to be fixed/non-existent with older versions of Openaura.