Problem Loggin into -- "Faield to log in"


I have recently gone about re-installing several games after I performed a system restore on my computer. I am not sure whether my current problem has anything to do with that.

I have tried repeatedly to use the “Sign in through Steam” option on, but it always tells me “Faield to log in” for some reason. I verified my copy of Garry’s Mod quite some time ago, and I have successfully downloaded many files from in the past.

Anyone know what could be the problem or how I might fix it?

EDIT: I have also verified that my Steam profile is public to all.

Make sure you’re using firefox, internet explorer has problems w/ it, chrome might, and haven’t heard anything about safari working or not.

I always use Firefox. In the past, it always worked fine with my Firefox.

Also, in order to obtain downloads from, I tried signing in and downloading them on a computer at work. Funny thing is, it let me sign in just fine. Then I sent the downloads to myself via email.

No ideas?

Either popup blocker or anti-virus/firewall problems.