Problem mapping for HL2DM: Missing material editor/wireframe

Title states the problem. Curious as to what caused it and how to fix it. It suggests checking the directory to make sure it is correct, which it is. Reinstalled both sdk and hl2dm, nothing changed.

Please help.

Are you using source engine 2006?

Yes. The engine version is set to the 2006 engine.

iirc hl2dm was moved to 2009.

Well what the hell happened then? :frowning:

Just make a custom config for it. Edit Game Configurations>add

How exactly would I do that? I did what you said, chose the hl2dm.gcf and it first says there were no configurations to work with, and then that the gameinfo.txt was missing.

no you choose steam\steamapps\username\half life 2 deathmatch\hl2\

So, this?


Ok, got it working.

By the way firegod, it needed to be the hl2mp, not the hl2 folder, for Deathmatch at least.

Thanks anyway, I appreciate the help.

help i cant run edit game configurations D:
if i try to open with engine 2009 its not works: No game configurations to run with.
if i try to open with engine 2006 nothing happends…

Why bump a thread from several months ago, rather than posting in the mapping help thread.

Do you have any bought source games?

Use source MP