Problem: My game voice is low

So i use a razer carcharias headset, and the soundblaster x-fi xtreme audio soundcard. And when i’m ingame other players can’t hear me, due to the fact that my mic is way too low.
What could the problem be?

(My mic works fine on TS, skype and such)

Try looking into windows sounds once the game has launched. Because you’re using Team speak or skype other things are automatically turned down so you can hear your fellow team mates.

Nothing happend still very low!

I also get this issue but I’ve realised if you minimize out the game and go back into it, if you look in your console it will state you’re skipping frames. This screws up your in game voice, to fix this issue is not to minimize at all while in game. Also if you go to steam settings and voice, put it on push to talk and use the same hot key you use in Rust.

Okay, my friend told me that i was extremely low, but when i either put my mic very close to my mouth or almost shouted into the mic, it worked fine. So is there any way to fix this?

Try what I said, see if you sound low now, just make sure you don’t minimize the game and make sure in steam settings voice your volume is maxed out and put on push to talk key not voice activation.

Nothing happend!

Your voice is too low?

Have you been going through puberty lately?

That’s one of the side effects.

— lol just kidding here’s real advise ----

Right click on sound, go into recording settings.

Click on properties, then find the tab that let’s you amplify.

I bump mine up to +20. Also make sure that volume of mic is all the way turned up.

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