Problem older source game

I’m trying to create a map for half life deathmatch source, But Source SDK is all updated to the new engine and If I make it in 2009 it just crashes the game.

Because HLDMS isn’t on the 2009 engine, it’s on the 200(6)?

Yes I know, how can I use the older source engine, none of the games are on it that are on source sdk

The sdk wasn’t released for game thats why.

Yes but there must be a way to do it, You used to be able to do it with Half Life 2 but now it’s updated.

Select Source Engine 2006 from the drop down, and hl2 dm from the other one.

That is the way you always had to do it.

When I load it, It gives me a load of errors like "Missing Material ‘editor\wireframe’. Go to Tools | Options | Game configurations and verify that your game directory is correct

I fixed this, Anybody that had the same problem, There is a video on youtube on how to do it:

Why would you edit the gameinfo.txt?

In the sdk you just select 2009 press edit game configurations> name hl2dm then the path is steamapps\username\hl2dm\hl2mp\

Because for older games like half life source 2009 maps just crash the game


Thought you were talking about hl2dm