problem placing chests on shelves

As of last update (not the one today), I’ve had trouble placing the fourth large chest on a shelf. Usually, I do this facing the side of the shelf and place the boxes on the shelf lengthwise. Three of them place just fine, the fourth, in the upper right spot of the shelf, won’t place correctly. It is like there is an invisible bump on the shelf preventing the chest from placing straight in and flat on the shelf. Instead, the shelf wants to roll over that bump, forcing me to place it crooked.

I know this is hard to visualize–you’d have to actually try it to see what I mean. Or maybe it is just me. If you get this bug, please post.

lol i share your pain

yeah I got chests and repair benches hanging off the sides of walls the walls like a kind of crazy Twilight Zone vomit fest

you should be able to rotate boxes or anything for that matter

The top shelf with just one will go on an angle when you try to place it…I make a small chest and stand on it just to get it level.

"If it ain’t broke…don’t try fixing it!"