Problem Playing Server

Hello again. Recently, I tried a new RP mode that I thought would be Lovely. 1942RP. I downloaded everything I needed from the respective places, and got the rest from the in-game download. But when I join the server, the MOTD is in hte bottom, right-hand corner, and I can’t move or delete it. No one on the forums for the server knows what to do, and I’m stuck. Anyone know?

System hardware specs

  • Processor Intel® Pentenium® 4 CPU 3.00 GHz (2 CPUs)
  • RAM 2046mb RAM
  • Graphics Card Nvidea Ge Force FX 5200
  • Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Wire Mod and Adv Dupe

Game Modes:

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If I may add, if there is a console command to close the MOTD, I think that should fix it. I couldn’t find anything when searching, so, anyone here know?

Bump since no one anywhere is bothering with a noob like me…

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Since I think this is probably why no one is caring… screenshot! This is what happens when I connect. I can’t move it(I can use the forums), can’t use tools, chat, etc, only ESC menu.

Bump again since no one is giving a crap. I’m just seeing if anyone knows a console command to close the MOTD, or any way to close it other than the X button.

What admin mod are you using?

oh I did not see the screen shot. If you change your resolution in game that will fix it.

Thanks, you are the only person to help. I do have it down one for lag but this sounds like a good fix. Thanks! (Trying as I type.)

Also. You might want to think about getting a new video card. I used to own a FX 5200 and it would always lag like crazy when ever i played games. 9500 GT is up you’re alley, but id suggest you look around first. I love my 9500 GT :3

Someone told me the same thing on my last bug fix, but there’s a problem. This one is maxing my board. Anything else=explosion. But I can still play my favorite games, like Garry’s Mod, Minecraft, and if I convince OnLive with my idea, they could play Steam games through it (I could play my Assassin’s Creed without crashing).

Well that is not right up his alley because the last time i checked is that most P4 system have AGP not PCI-E (P4 capable mobos that have a PCI-E slots are available but most systems that have PCI-E have core duo or better) and the 9500 GT seems to be a PCI-E only card which he will not be able to use.

The Last AGP GeForce series Card was the 7x00 series if i am not mistaken. and if he is using a FX 5200 it is either old PCI or AGP.

AMD/ATI has a Radeon HD 4650 1GB AGP card.

That is possibly the fastest card for AGP systems.

BUT his CPU is a huge bottleneck and he would not see the gains as if it was running on a newer system with a Newer dual core CPU. It will run the game a hell of a lot faster then that fx 5200.

Plus on top of a bottleneck of a CPU for these newer cards i can probably bet the PSU in that system is stock, if that is the case even a GeForce 6800 GT AGP card would probably kill his PSU let alone a even newer more powerful GFX card like a Radeon HD 4650, that card requires at least a 400 Watt PSU minimum.

He would have to buy a new PSU and this card which is more then what i would spend on a old P4 system. best just to save up and build a newer system which would be more capable then any P4 system.

Actually it would be more along the lines of maxing out your computers power supply more so then the mother board.

Little late to post, probably useless bump, but thanks for the reply madmax (Your other posts look, inspiring). I understood most of your post, and yes, my computer is old. About 4 years. And it was built with the words CHEAP and GAMING in mind. Even though it would have been a fine computer, even by today’s standard, my walking wallets decided to go cheap rather then TRY to be smart, I mean one is a computer expert, by any standard, and still thought this would be fine. Also, I just bought Spore yesterday, and it said it supported back to 5900, and I thought I was screwed out of 20 bucks, luckily it works, minus an occasionally crash-inducing lag spike. So yes, my computer is a glowing, beeping, binary piece of crap, but it’s my piece of crap. And I’ll hold on to it until computers take over the Earth and mine runs away. And again, sorry for the bump, I just had to post this.

Heck my system is as old (if not older) then yours.

the motherboard is from a HP D530 SFF from 2004
P4 2.8ghz (yours is a tad bit faster, but 200mhz wont gain much of a boost in performance in these games at these CPU speeds)
2gb ram
GeForce 6800 GT AGP ( this is the only thing i have over your system)
Windows XP Pro SP3

mine was built with the same thing in mind back in 2007 (with a new case and PSU) it cost me less then $200 for the computer, ram, video card, case and PSU. sometimes you got to love ebay and newegg (that is when its running deals, or with ebay someone just wanting to get rid of their old e-waste for next to nothing). but today its showing its age when it comes to performance in games, that is only a sign of needing to get better hardware., that is only if you can afford it.

Your issue is that your resolution is too small and that server doesn’t compensate for low resolutions (odds are they use a fixed size for that DFrame).

So either up the resolution, or ask them nicely to make their DFrame scale with it.