Problem plzz help!

Hey! When i joined gmod today everything was Errors, black and pnik squares and laggy skybox! ( ON Darkrp) Idk why plzz help me!



Or retard.

Was that necessary? Any way restarting garrys mod usually fixes that problem or you do not have the models or textures needed… Try Reinstalling DarkRP which wouldn’t really have any effect since DarkRP its self does not have custom content

How to reinstall rp?

Ugh… OK
Step 1: Download DarkRP from here:

Step 2: Drag the folder inside the ZIP called DarkRP and place it into your gamemodes folder which is located in
c:/program files/steam/steamapps/Imadickhead/garrysmod/garrysmod/gamemodes
(Imadickhead Is your ACC name)

Step 3: Go to hell :slight_smile:


lol just…Go to hell

Edit: you need to have css installed now go to hell :slight_smile:

And Episode 2 (Half Life 2) (I think. Dont kill me if im wrong!!)

Dont link him to some crap old download with 30 mods in it, he needs CSS


Sometimes CSS randomly unmounts, go to Extensions is the menu and make sure CSS is checked

Try using the Head-On Tool.
It solved all my DarkRP Problems, i even did 9,999,999$ on my first hour!
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Why bother replying if he couldn’t follow those simple instructions. I assumed he wanted a shite version by the way he was acting