Problem : Props & Fade


Someone told me that this forum could help me, so I try. ^^
I have a problem in my map. It’s a big map, and I would use the Fade to optimize my map, but when I use it, props disapear without reason …

I really need optimize my map by fade. :X

Thx. :smiley:

P.S : Sry for my english

How are you fading things? With Start Fade Dist and End Fade Dist?

Yep. In Map Properties

Your end fade needs to be higher than your start fade.

Also 50 and 60 units is not very far. You should set it to about 1000-2000

It’s 50 pixels, not units, so the End must be less that the Start. ^^

It’s units.


Fine. its pixels, still, try what firegod has specified instead of trying to correct him.

However, i suspect that if you are trying to use fade, then you haven’t employed other basic optimisation techniques.

Hm … I used Skip/Hint, Nodraw, Func_detail, Func_lod, Areaportal … And I need to use Fade.

You missed the obvious one. Occluders.

Hm … I’ll try … Thx

Others Ideas ? :confused:

Ideas for what?

To fix the Fade problem :X

Don’t use fade and optimise properly?

Why don’t you use start fade dist and end fade dist for the actual props and not that start fade pixels thing in the map properties? I’ve never really heard of fade pixels being used or know what it’s good for.

If you want to fade out everything at a certain distance use the z clipping plane with the fog controller entity.

The problem remains, I tried.

I use it ^^.