Problem RockFord / Hammer Editor


Here I have a problem when I load the map on rockford hammer it appears that way can you help me?

Screens : (No Textures) (Run Map Problem) (Folders) (Folder)

Is your CS:S content working inside hammer?

Watch for yourself I am not a specialist :stuck_out_tongue:

fix cs:s

I do not understand … But I said that I want to make maps Garry’s Mod on DarkRP

You need the content from CS:S which stands for Counter-Strike: Source. A bit of info about the game series below.

In your hammer level editor.

In that tutorial to add this? (of preference for garry’s mod)

This will cause vbsp to not correctly make your bsp file.

This may because you have to many func_details, but if you think they are correct, then you may add the parameter -notjunc to the vbsp program(in expert mode), and it should work from then.

You may also want to get your CS:S textures, if you don’t own a copy of the game, you can get the textures here:•••••••••2#!downloads/chgd

Oops, guess that doesn’t work, here is a youtube video on how:

Rockford isn’t using only CS:S content, but also ported stuff from CS:GO and such. You have to extract the Rockford material pack on the Workshop and then load the content with Hammer using its gameinfo.txt.

You could also use a program such as pakrat or vide, and extra the materials from there^

VIDE or PakRat can’t extract Garry’s Mod addons, you’d have to use GMAD Extractor or something similiar.

Yeah, I am saying that some mappers directly pakfile the materials into the map instead of into the addon itsself, so you would have to extract the files from the gma, and it the materials were pakfiled then you would have to use PakRat or VIDE