Problem server launch Debian | Map's don't load

Already excuse me for my English!

I opened a few days ago Server on Debian a garry’smod DarkRP,
But I have a problem is I want the map rp_rockford_v1b launched at server startup, but not working the server that launches under gm_flatgrass! I’m in game I change the level from the ULXMenu for gamemode darkrp and map “rp_rockford_v1b” my server don’t responding !

Launching command :

./srcds_run -console -debug -game garrysmod -port 27065 -authkey 676F401E15846C1DEBCBD0973***** -usercon +ip 188.165.*** +gamemode darkrp +map md_clue +maxplayers 16  +host_workshop_collection 4333379** +r_hunkalloclightmaps 0

Screen Map Folder :

Launching Server : Look Map’s

Putty Screen :

Put this in your launching command +map rp_rockford_v1b

Yes i put de +map rp_rockford_v1b and server boot on flatgrass ?

Okay !

i install this :

And work

You should of had that from the beginning, what were you using to start off with?