Problem setting up a Linux server "Failed to open"

I purchased a Linux VPS 3 days ago, and having this issue I found a few threads on Google about a recent update. But seeing as this problem for me has persisted with the following 2 updates and the thread owners issues resolved, I do believe this has been fixed and this is being caused by something else for me. In the bin folder I do see “”, which makes me think is there anywhere you have to specify a binary path for the server or another way to fix this? (copying these shared libraries into “/usr/lib”, seems a tad messy)

The full error is: “Failed to open ( cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)”

Time is ticking and it doesn’t feel like waiting will sort this issue as it seems to be my fault or something I am not doing. I’ve allowed permissions for all the contents in the srcds directory to see if it was an issue with accessing, but it doesn’t seem so.

I have come up with a solution.

As root:

cd /etc/
nano file.conf


You’re supposed to use srcds_run, not srcds_linux