Problem starting experimental

So whenever I try to launch the experimental I get an error Failed to launch the game and I don’t understand why because standard version runs like normal. If someone knows a solution that would be great.

There are many reasons experimental could fail when the legacy branch works just fine, because it’s a complete restart of the game from scratch to get a clean foundation using the lessons learned from the old version that works right now (as incomplete as it is).

You really should look around and do some searching in this forum and the Rust Bug Reports forum, because there have been other threads about this issue that have had successful solutions (for some people). Really, you shouldn’t have made a new thread unless none of the threads were relevant or the only ones that were were very old, but never mind that for now.

What are your system specs? Operating system, CPU, RAM, video card.

Also, what is the current graphics driver version? (xxx.xx for Nvidia, xx.xx for AMD/ATI) You can find this in the graphics control panel for each one (AMD uses Catalyst Control Center, not a Control Panel widget).