Problem teleportation admin

Hi, I have a problem teleport on my server when I want to teleport a player disconnects it me or do it bugged my game and when I teleport a player that disconnects me too.

I do not know if this bug come from the host or the game but it would be correct if possible.

Thank you in advance and good luck for the job!

It seems to only happen when teleporting people far away… when I teleport someone who is already semi-near me it works fine.
Plus, sometimes people get dc’ed and don’t teleport at all, or just get lagged for a second and stay where they are…
It’s rather strange. Does anyone know if this might have something to do with truth.enforce?

Setting “truth.punish False” seems to fix this.

Interesting… do you know any of the other ramifications for this? AKA: will this affect any other aspects of the game?

Order to solve my problem I think, I Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

It means if someone is speedhacking and the truth system picks up on this, they won’t be kicked.

That’s what I figured… but at least speedhacking is one of the easier ones to notice.

This, easiest way is to simply turn it back on once you’ve teleported.