Problem upgrading to stone or metal.

I have been playing rust for about 3 months now on rust legacy have about 150 hrs game play, changed over to the newer rust and I like the building style. So I did some reading on how to upgrade( to stone and metal, but every time I try to upgrade it will not let me, I have privilege (Cupboard) and all the resources (over 5k wood and 5k stone)that are required but for some reason the part I’m upgrading will not change, tried to hit it with the hammer, nothing. Do I need to delete everything first, like the old rust and start new? Is this a glitch? Please help.

Also what is it about the barrels everywhere, can I use them for something?


No need to tear down, just have the stuff in your invintory, equip the hammer and hold right click while authorized to your cabinet and while standing close to the block. It would be nice if they showed the resource requirements on screen somewhere, but atm it only shows consumption costs once you upgrade.

Do i have to upgrade the Cupboard/cabinet?


As long as you have building privileges and have the materials you need in your inventory, you should be able to right click while holding the wood hammer, select the stone upgrade from the “wheel” and that should do it.

yer supposed to hit the barrels, for the inner contents

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Since the OP did not fully clarify whether they were using the full correct method of holding RMB and selecting desired upgrade type, I can support this as a potential ‘undocumented feature’(aka bug) since I too have observed a failure to be able to upgrade to metal-tier on some attempts. Most often this occurs with angled-foundations. I re-logged, and was able to complete the upgrade successfully.

I have been eagerly awaiting the update slated for today to test this anew before reporting as potential bug.

in the meanwhile, nicklg03, if that is indeed the nature of your trouble, try logging-out of game and back in again to see if that might resolve for you. As an aside, this can be a good first step for any issues you might experience during gameplay.