Problem Using A Water-Glass Texture

So I’m having some trouble using this water-glass texture ( ). I added it to the materials folder, but there’s a few problems.
I’m using the texture for a window, looking out onto the sea-floor.

  1. In hammer it shows up as a pink and black square texture

  2. In game it’s just displayed as a flat surface with a strange reflection of a mountainside and trees

  3. Using func_reflective_glass kind of makes it work, but it’s way too reflective and more importantly it’s a huge fps hog.

  1. Have you placed the vmt and .vtf to the path described in the .vmt after the $basetexture property?

  2. View number 1. Also, add a env_cubemap in front of the glass panels and link it to the brush faces of the glass.

  3. func_reflective_glass is used to make mirrors. They are special, because they don’t reflect cubemaps, but instead realtime reflections like the expensive water shader. Don’t use func_reflective_glass for something like this.

Thanks, I’ll try those steps, hope it works out.

Slight problem, there doesn’t seem to be a $basetexture property…

	"$RefractTexture" _rt_WaterRefraction
	"$ReflectTexture" _rt_WaterReflection
 	"$normalmap" "nature/water_cc_norm"
	"$REFRACTTINT" "{0 0 150}"
 	"$refractamount" 0.1
 	"$reflectamount" 0.1
	"$fresnelpower" 2
	 "$bluramount" 2
	"$scale" "[2 2]"
			"animatedtexturevar" "$normalmap"
			"animatedtextureframenumvar" "$bumpframe"
			"animatedtextureframerate" 25.00

			"texturescrollvar" "$bumpTransform"
			"texturescrollrate" 0.2
			"texturescrollangle" 90.00

Also, this may be because I can’t figure out step 1, linking the env_cubemap just makes the texture appear opaque black ingame.

Interesting that he used the LightmappedReflective shader.

You need to extract the _rt_WaterRefraction.vtf and _rt_WaterReflection.vtf and the nature/water_cc_norm.vtf out of the .gcf where they are located. Check Google for GCFEscape.

Ok thanks, I’ll give that a go.

hhm, after getting those .vtf files and linking the cubemaps, the texture still apears opaque black ingame.

Try using just Refract as the shader, and removing the two refraction lines with the water thing.

Tried that, but the glass still apears solid black

What version of DirectX are you running? As far as I know the refract shader only works on 9.

I’m using directx 10, so I’m pretty sure thats not the problem.
Has anyone else got this texture to work?

Refract doesn’t work on world brushes, you either have to apply it to something like a func_brush or make a model to apply it to. If used on world brushes or func_detail, it will be black like the problem you’re having.