Problem using MSQLOO

Hi Guys !

I have a problem using the module Mysqloo !
My server is turned as “Base Gamemode” instead of my Gamemode !

In the init.lua, i have

I put every needed files at the right place i hope !
The libmysql.dll in “path/to/server/”
And gmsv_mysqloo.dll in “path/to/server/garrysmod/lua/bin” !

Finally i got this error code :

If you have any idea guy ! Please tell me !

The thread you posted is for an older version of MySQLOO, this is the newest version :

I tried it too ! That’s the same error :tinfoil:

require( “mysqloo” ) has to be called serverside, did you make sure it was?

I am sure about it ! No mistake possible !

Post the full code

I sent you a Pm, if anyone has another idea ! Feel free to post it

If you don’t post it how can anyone else figure it out down the line when they have the same issue?

The error has no link with the code, i think it probably miss a redist or something like that !
Keep having this error, if someone has an idea !