Problem using the HPD

A few days ago I downloaded and installed mahalis’ “Handheld Portal Device 1.0”, which includes an addon folder and some other folders with files inside (materials, texture, etc). When I was in singleplayer, I switched to HPD and press mouse1. I heard the sound and I saw the glowing circle and many many errors pooping out on the screen and in the console, but not the orb or the hole (i mean i only saw the glowing circle surrounding the ground). I reinstalled it, but the result was the same.

Therefore, I uninstalled the addon (I deleted the PoralGun addon folder) then downloaded and installed the “Handheld Portal Device 0.5b” (I dont know why I chose it). This time is worse, when I switch to the HPD, instead of a portal gun, I saw an orange gravity gun (maybe i was supposed to?). Then I pressed mouse1. This time, I saw many errors like the 1st time, I heard the sound, but no glowing circles no visual effects. I have no idea why this is happening and I’d really like to fix it. Please help me, Thank you.

“Handheld Portal Device 1.0”:

“Handheld Portal Device 0.5b”:

The HPD is over two years old, meaning it has missed several Garry’s Mod updates and is not compatible with the latest GMod. There’s no way to fix it yourself, sorry mate.

Oh :frowning: ok, Thanks anyway. I really hope I can use it. I have been dreaming about the multiplayer of portal…

Dude this is the second post about the HDP not working. Look at the age of the release because it tells you why it doesn’t work.

So is there any working HPD now?