Problem Water

Hello ,
I have a texture problem with water on my map. I use hammer editor
Someone a solution?

Thank you in advance .

Regards ,

It would help if the image was a tad bigger…

  • Its water in the source engine. Basically the thing all mappers hate the most.

Here the larger image :

  • For anyone coming to the thread.

It seems to me that, the water has gone through a brush and entered the void, does your map have a skybox?

yes she has a skybox

There’s a leak somewhere, usually either caused by running VIS on fast while using areaportals, or having an opening in a map to the void. Use “Load Pointfile” to find where the leak is if you can’t find it.

what did you name her

Moist :smug:

Do you have a compile log?

Looks like you either:
A) Leaked
B) NODRAW face below water
C) Water passes the brush
D) You think the water brush was good enough to close off the world and didn’t put a brush below the water.

Make sure these ain’t func_details

I checked everything, there is no leak on the map.
I test in normal mode compilation.

The name of the water is: nukwater_movingplane_dx70.
Howerver I do not know if his cheek but I have no skybox above the room where is the water.