Problem when I save game

Hi !

When I save a game in GMod and when I load it after, the props saved are “fantomatic” : if I take a chair and if I move it to a fantomatic prop, the chair will pass through this.
The fantomatics props can’t be moved and if I want to put an object (by example a thruster) on it, this message appear on my chatlog :

[lua\includes\extensions\util.lua:28 attempt to index local ‘Phys’ (a nil value)

Can someone help me ?

(sorry if my english is bad)

I would not use the saves, instead use Adv Duplicator. If I recall GMod saves are glitchy and don’t work correctly. I think one solution was to reload sandbox if welds were not working, but best idea would be to use Adv Duplicator, check out the guide link below it will help you download wiremod which comes with adv dupe, best to use SVN (Don’t download from using SVN allows you to get updates very quickly and easily).

Did you install any mods lately that broke it?

I’ve tried to use it but I don’t understand…

@billyman : Yes, I’ve installed phxtended, spawnicons, phx3, phoenix model pack 2.2 and phoenix full final 10

The fantomatics props are here only with the phoenix storms premium model, so I think the bug is from there…

There is your problem. Save Games do not work in Garry’s Mod. Use Adv Dupe when possible.

And, why do you have ALL those PHX packs?
If you just have PHX3 it’s good enough…
But, get the SVN versions of them all.