Problem when joining Gmod

I’ve had this problem when ever trying to join gmod and I cannot join unless I choose an option. I wanted to make sure what I should pick before I do it.

When I try to join I get a thing come up saying my Local Gmod Files are clashing with the Steam Cloud gmod files and so it gives me an option of either Downloading the Steam Cloud gmod files or Uploading my Local Gmod Files. Can someone please help?? Here is a picture to show what I mean:

Download the files. It just means you are on a different computer.

i see the issue wondows vista :stuck_out_tongue: get xp or 7 :smiley:

well actuely its k just click download to this machine

but vista does blow

Oh please, windows 7 isnt a real system like XP.

windos 7 uses like 1/2 the memmory of xp and is more up 2 date, and is better for new systems because they utilise the full capibility of the compter

Whatever brodiewf. I think XP exceeds 7 by far. But back to the matter, he should download the files to the computer he is on.