Problem wit rust

I haw a problem wit rust Im from polan I booth rust jesterdey end it wos ok bat toudeay i do not se eni serwers ken eny one tel me wots the problem ??

You may have opted in to the developer server by accident. I’ll try and find a link to get back to normal but I’m on a phone. Search Google for opting out of betas in steam for Rust.

Learn to write before posting again man…

English isn’t his native language, you prick. He is probably using a translator, at least he was kind enough to run it through instead of speaking in Polish.

OP, try waiting a couple hours and see if the servers come back.

I’m sorry, but I have yet to see a translator that manages to butcher the English language this badly :v:

Clearly he didn’t use a translator but sounded it out phonetically with what English skills he does have. What is the point of your post but to poke fun at a non-native speaker?

This is most likely the case, I just figured translation didn’t sound right to him, so he ended up typing it like it sounds to him.