Problem with a compiled model


So lately I’ve been trying my hand at porting weapons to sfm (currently for personal use), and I seem to have run into a slight problem.

  1. You see, when I look at the model after compiling in HLMV, it looks like this:

From what I gather, it has something to do with the model’s parts’ origins not being at the exact same spot which makes them all group together like that.
The thing is though, on a different model this problem didn’t happen, even though the origins were set up pretty much exactly like this one’s.
Also, when looking at the separate parts for the model that worked, their origins seem to have automatically been moved to the base part’s origin location.

If someone could explain how and/or why this happened with the first model but not the second one, that would be much appreciated.

  1. The best I can gather from looking at the Valve Dev Wiki, I’d need to use the $origin command in the .qc file to mitigate this.
    Problem is I don’t want to have to use trial and error or guesswork to figure out how far in a direction to set the values to.
    Is there some way to find that out normally or do I just have to stick their origins to the same spot?

Of course, if need be, I can stuff both models and all related files into an archive and upload it somewhere so more experienced people can get a “hands-on” look at everything.

Well fuck me I guess, decided to change every part’s origin to the same spot and they came out right where they were supposed to…

Is it actually supposed to work like that? I sure as hell don’t fuckin’ know. :why:

that is correct like that. the model got only one root origin. all the mesh part’s origins (and skeleton) gotta be there.