Problem with a door

I am trying to make a door.

WOW EZ right

Well, it’s a specific door.

This is a short description what it should do:

It should not rotate to the right or left it should rotate up or down.

The model is: models/props_wasteland/prison_heavydoor001a.mdl
It doesn’t have an animation neither something else.

I was trying it with the prop_rotating_door which is the only possibility for it. The problem is it rotates at the wrong site and doesn’t even go up or down.

What I also wanted to do is to make 2 triangles and group them togheter then do I have to group the door also so when the door opens those triangles also rotate or parent them, whats the differences.

Then you maybe notice that blue thing in the middle I actually want to put it upside so it rotates correclty. I made that but it didn’t change anything and there is a weird yellow straight line.

Just think about a garage door with no animations and that doesn’t go straight upside or down.

You need to putt that ball up

Wow, I tried that, it didn’t worked hm.

But you are right, otherwise there would be no other way to find a the right logic to do this, so I made it somehow wrong.

create “func_door rotating”,then go to properties and change the pitch to 90.
then go to flags,and ticked the “x lock” or “y lock”.

That door is not compatible with prop_door_rotating. Moving the ball (origin) will not have an affect on it.
You must use a func_door_rotating brush entity with invisible texture and parent that model to your brush.

Like player climb and does it matter if I use the prop to parent something or does it matter if I use the texture wall thing and parent it?

Use an invisible textured brush as your hinge, make it a func_door_rotating, and then parent a prop_dynamic to the func_door_rotating with your chosen model. Then just make your button, or make the func_door_rotating big enough to be used upon.

Will a climb tool work so its also invisible or should I use the invisible tool?
And still about climb tool, would it work?

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Do I have to use Pich Yaw Roll and how I use it correctly?

Yes, but this won’t it let it go rotate UPSIDE it still rotates left and right.

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Thank you!

But it was only lock y instead of locking x