Problem with a model. I cant make it eyeposeable

I finished rig a ported model, but there´s left one thing to do before release it, make it eyeposeable.

I followed all the tutorials that i found, i searched for similar problems, and nothing, i cant make move the eyes.

Or if i can, i cant “aim” it properly.

Help please.

Note: The .qc is in the thread of the link. I dont want put it again here for avoid make this post very long.

P.D: If this isnt the zone where i have to put this, sorry.

Did you use the correct axis (3dsmax or maya|xsi)

Yes. Curiously, if i use the Maya/XSI option (Y->Z/Z->Y) the eyes move, but it are “crazy”.

I use 3DS Max 2010.

If you can get the eyes to move, but not properly, it’s very likely because the eye coordinates are slightly off. Did you follow the instructions from QC eyes to get the coordinates you need?

Yes. i tried with both methods to obtain the coodinates, and gives the same result.

Is possible that the problem is because the model doesnt have eyeballs (it uses a curved plane)?

A curved plane is correct. But you must put actual eyeballs in when getting the coordinates. These you then delete.

emm what? What that means? I have to put eyeballs and repeat the qc process?

He meant that you should be using actual spheres when getting the position of the eyes, to make sure the center of the eyes is actually what would the center of an eyeball actually be.

Ok, i´ll add to the model eyeballs and try.

hey i got a similar problem. maybe you can help me. ive finally got eyeposing to my model, but the pupils are moving the wrong way. theyre moving left but theyre supposed to move to the right. same for up and down.

have you tried to view the coordinates in the SDK Model Viewer? theyre under the attachments tab

It´s obvious that yes.

Did you switch the L and R eyeball textures by mistake?

Interesting. Deleting the curved planes and using eyeballs works (lol?), but now i have the same problem that tilloile. And no, the textures of R and L isnt switched.

No one have a solution? eben if is a stupid one?

Give the computer cake and ask it very nicely, with a please.

Anyways, how bad is the eyeposing? does it go in opposite directions it’s supposed to or some crazy nonsensical junk?

Some eye posing problems people can get over.

Theorically, only moves in the opossite direction (up->down, Left->right…), and looks a bit weird in game (but i didnt tested it with the eyeposer, probably it will happen the same).

I´m more worried about the bad rigging and specially, the faceposer (i´m improving the rigging, making it more “natural”, but i cant make it better the poses of the face).

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(Ignore the double post, please)

OH MY GOD, i just fix it. I had to “readjust” the eyeballs to have the same coordinates (it must be exact even in vertex, that i didnt check it). Then i only had to copy and paste the new coordinates into the .qc, compile and:

I know what are you thinking. Very soon i´ll be entirely yours :3

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Well. End of the problems. Thanks to all for the help. A last thing. To all the moderators, dont delete this thread. Maybe one day, another person maybe will have the same problem, so it would be useful left this thread to know how to fix it.


Someone knows how to change the title of the thread? I thought that it was editing the first post, but not.

Hmmm, this gonna be a bump, but i created the thread and i need again help for this problem.

I dont have any idea why i cant make eyeposeable models. Doesnt matter what i do, always end of the same way (doesnt move in HLMV, in Gmod i see how they “attempt” to move, getting weird the texture, or mirroring it).

I did all the techniques that i found, all the .qc and vmt codes, and nothing, stills giving me that error.

Someone knows what it could be the problem? (flexes work, so that isnt the problem).

Maybe i would have to try with EP2 eyes?

show the QC in code tags

I use a modified version of the qc file of Alyx. Except some parts, it are the same on all the models.

a) Drop the standardhitboxset
b) what’s with the big scales on the iris and eyeball textures?
c) check the rotation on the eyes, mouth and forward attachments.
d) make better flexfile formating
flexfile {
%flex = flex
e) drop eyeposition unless you have the right values.