Problem with a model.

Ok, so i’ve got another problem with my model. So lets imagine that i’m opening somebody’s ready model(ragdoll) and give it a little changes. So, i’ve changed the hair for this model, compiled and everything fine, i can see it in Garry’s Mod. But hair didnt changed properly. It’s still like before, but its looking a little bit more ugly. It’s like gone in the left side instead of forward. What i suppose to do? In 3ds max it looks fine, when i’m exporting it, i’m using “explict normals method”. I dont know where the problem, in qc file or in 3ds max? Could somebody help?

The Explicit Normals option at export is for the smoothing of faces, not for vertex positions, so that setting shouldn’t have anything to do with the problem. Your images are not showing, however, so trying to get an idea of the problem is not so easy.