Problem with Achievements for ttt

i used! For ttt

and paste the folder to \garrysmod\addons But not works…

I saw many ttt servers are using this Achievements How can i use it ?

Restart your server?

Clearly, Yes i did.

Did you restart the server by shutting it down or restarted it with a map change, also post any errors.

Yes i restart the server by shutting it down. Not errors Happened…

It makes me feel really sucks… (means Not working)


No clue, sorry.

Ummm… Im pretty sure that addon is client side only, ie, putting it on your server won’t do anything. (Its not made to be run on servers)

Then there is no other way to use Achievements Addon…? I thought it is possible because many other ttt server are using it…

You would have to code a completely different addon made for servers, that one you have is made for clients.

Looks like hard to modify that. anyway thanks.

I solve the problem And works very well.

Thanks to rebel1324

Was this post seriously needed lol…


Add -condebug to your command line and then restart, put what outputs to the console.log here.

Was your post seriously needed, he fixed his problem.

How did you fix it?

Because i have the same problem at the moment…