Problem with adding map dedicated server

Hey! I’m currently trying to add a map to my dedicated server(Which is located at my computer), the thing is, the map has an another addon which gives you the models and the materials.
Now I put the map in my dedicated server but it can’t run without the models and materials and I have no idea how to put them there, (The map is rp_rockford_v1b)

Put the addon inside of the addons folder located at garrysmod/addons/

Step by step:

  1. In the dedicated server’s addon folder, create a folder called rockford
  2. Put all the contents of the map and models + textures pack addons in there.
  3. Set map to rockford_v1b in startup.
  4. Reboot the server.

Directory tree should look like this:
DS folder>garrysmod>addons>rockford>maps
DS folder>garrysmod>addons>rockford>models
DS folder>garrysmod>addons>rockford>materials

Hi! Thanks for the reply. the map works, but it’s filled with errors. I have css in my addons folder and I put css in the server’s folder as well just to be sure. I also get a lot of errors, here they are:
Dynamic prop prop_dynamic: no sequence named:disco, got 49 expected 48