Problem with adv dupe and wiremod

Hi all,im new in the forum,i need some help,i have adv duplications and that duplications uses wiremod,my problem is:when i put the duplications that works with wiremod,the objects of wiremod goes to the floor and the duplication dont work.And it says some errors,here are a photo:

Sorry for my bad english

Where did you download wiremod from?

i downloaded them from here:

Get the SVN version.

how i can get the SVN version? I have Tortoise SVN,but i dont know how download wiremod with SVN.


I downloaded the SVN version,but still the same.

at least one thing is that if the props fall apart then its probably because you didnt check freeze props in the adv. dupe menu :confused:

No,if i put frozen props in adv dupe menu the wire objects continue falling -.-