Problem with angles and bouncing combine energy balls.

Right now, I’m working on a map with a bunch of puzzles, and im trying to make one based around bouncing a combine energy ball off rotating fins so they land in a socket. Im using a point_combine_ball_launcher to fire the balls.
The problem is, the balls never bounce in a perfect 90 degrees, even when the surface they’re hitting is a perfect 45 degrees.

Does anybody know a workaround to make this possible?

Well, the bouncy balls don’t follow the ‘bounce’ rule in physics obviously, so using a different approach would possibly be best. Maybe try env_beams and a complex system of logic_relays?

EDIT: Besides, I love laser bouncing puzzles.

Thats not a bad idea either, and was actually my backup plan if I couldnt find a way to make the balls work.

I just wanted to see if anybody had done this before, and found a way.

I don’t know anybody who doesn’t love a good laser puzzle.

And even if you got the combine balls to work they’re really annoying. The sounds they make are annoying, the effects are annoying, and in general they just piss me off.

I think a laser puzzle would be much better quality.

I like the Energy Pellets… D:

Thing is, I need the delay between projectiles. I’m setting it up so that it shoots 3 balls, for 3 sockets, all in a row, then having each panel rotate when it gets hit. So, the player needs to set up the inital angles to get all 3 balls into all 3 sockets.

I suppose I could do the same with 3 bursts of lasers, then have all the panels hit rotate between each burst with a bunch of entity work, but it wouldn’t be quite the same.

put the thing on a func_tracktrain and have it bouce randomley if you dont get it right!

Try setting:

sk_combine_ball_search_radius 0; sk_combineball_seek_angle 0