problem with big maps

when i’m playing big maps with huge skyboxes, like gm_bigcity or freespace, i sometimes get a warning about some sort of overflow in the lua error window, and if im doing something like turning or moving very fast, or spawning too much props it closes Gmod and displays an error that says something like:

blah blah overflow, please blah blah tall a programmer to rise the maximum random letters and numbers (random numbers < more random numbers)”

what should i do?

Happens to everyone on large maps I think. As far as I know, just don’t do whatever closes it.


I get this when noclipping around City_18, now I noclip without going through walls, I always stick on the trail :expressionless:

I havnt got it before, and I do alot of spacebuild.

i don’t have this problem on spacebuild maps

only gm_bigcity, re_evocity and freespace_2009