Problem with BLOOM on self made maps

So im currently working on a ttt map, started it on the hl2 engine and finishing details in the css engine. Thing is when I try it on gmod the whole map is so bright that my eyes hurts, this was not a problem in previous testing in the hl engine and cs engine. Any idea? already tried mat_specular 0 on the console but didnt do anything.

Edit: For some reason the only texture on full bloom are the css texture, plus all the models from css being missing from the map. I dont know whats causing this since I have css enabled on gmod.

Do you have an example in a screenshot?


there are taken from the map running in css, with the lightning I like and how it should be seen in gmod

These last 2 are from the map running in a singleplayer gmod server, I tried not to run the hdr when compiling in the garrys mod hammer to see if that was the problem, the only thing it did is that you dont get blind by looking at it.
You can see that the models are also mising, any idea what could be doing this?

Looks like on your last compile you were missing textures in hammer. That’s why some texture are Fulbright

then, in theory I could compile it again under a new name in the cs:s hammer so a new .bsp generates and try to play it from gmod and it should work?

bloody hell you are a genius, thank you dude