Problem with cl_init and init lua files at gamemodes...

Each time (even when I followed guide at the I test out my gamemodes at gmod, no matter what I do, the same thing happens when I load it… An error comes up ingame, and says ‘‘couldn’t load cl_init.lua and init.lua’’! :S

I put the init and cl_init in steam/steamapps/jeeman94/garrysmod/garrysmod/gamemodes/(my game mode)/gamemode

That is correct way right?

Anyway, after I have fixed shared.lua, init.lua and cl_init.lua, I launch Garrysmod. I start a Singleplayer, then, chooses gamemode… Then the error comes, no matter what I do, preventing the gamemode to work… What did I do wrong? If you want a further description of how I do it, then ask! :slight_smile:

Edit: I guess this goes for the sub forum ‘‘Questions’’… If so, sorry, move it there if needed.

Taking a shot in the dark here, Are you sure you saved it as a .lua?
sounds like a dumb question, but it happends

I did :slight_smile:
I’m sure… I thought that was problem at first, but I double checked! :S

Thanks for the effort :stuck_out_tongue:

Make sure there aren’t any spaces in the gamemode name.

Maybe that’s it! :slight_smile:
I named my ‘‘Garry Wars’’. Older gamemodes that I tried also had spaces in gamemode name, so that can be it, dunno. I will try later, but I gtg!!! :S

Edit: It didn’t work, sadly :S
But I will keep it in mind anyway.

Post your entire console please so we can determine errors.
Covering up your gamemode name is of no use to use cause we are not exactly going to have a use for it and it could determine your error.

Alright, I will show it shortly :slight_smile:

Edit: Ehm… I created a new gamemode, and no errors came up! :stuck_out_tongue:
Dunno what I did different, but I will report if I get new errors.

Its still worth posting the old content so we can post a fix.

That way anyone with the same error gets a fix without making a new thread.