Problem With Coded Group System

Hi, recently I have received a system that allows you to create your very own in game Mafia in DarkRP all is good you can create and leave them with no problem the problem is the invites! Every time I try to invite somebody to a Mafia this just pops up in the chat box “invitemafia4” and nothing happens could somebody help me out with this thanks.

local MafiaInvites = {};

local function InviteMafia(ply, args)
	local tableargs = string.Explode(" ", args)

	local p = FindPlayer(tableargs[1])
	if p and p:Alive() then
		if( MafiaInvites[tableargs[2]] == nil ) then MafiaInvites[tableargs[2]] = {} end
		if( table.HasValue( MafiaInvites[tableargs[2]], p ) ) then Notify(ply, 1, 4, "You already sent this player an invite, they must accept the invite.") return "" end
		table.insert( MafiaInvites[tableargs[2]], p )
		Notify(ply, 1, 4, "You have sent an invitation to ".. tostring( ply:Nick() ) .." to join '".. tostring( tableargs[2] ) .."'")
		-- send invite
		umsg.Start( "mafiainvite", p )
		umsg.String( ply:GetNWString("mafia") )
	return ""
AddChatCommand("/invitemafia", InviteMafia)

tell us what you put in the chat

Should’t you type in /invitemafia 4, not /invitemafia4

Yes Chessnut, your right but there is a button inside of the F4 rp menu where you press it and select the Name of the person you want to invite sorry for leaving that out.

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I can type the command /invitemafia (whatever number) and it works just fine but if I try to use the button shown in the picture that command just pops up in chat.