Problem with collision mesh and moving parts

So I’m currently working on some WWII warship models that I’m planning to release, and i want them to have rotating turrets by using joints. The problem is, those turrets end up inside the collision mesh of the ship model, so it’s not possible to grab and rotate them with the physgun.

This is one of the models I’m working on, i have marked the boundary of the collision mesh in red and the rotating turrets in blue.

As you can see, the turrets are completely inside the collision mesh. I thought about removing the collision mesh entirely but then the ship would clip through the world. Is there any way i can work around this?

Make the main physbox for the ship just the hull. The superstructure will be non-solid, but you can’t have complex physics models on ragdolls so the best you can do is just to have the hull be the solid part.

I was trying to avoid that, but it seems like it’s the best way to solve it. If i use $collisionjoints the turret models will keep their collision model though right? Even if they aren’t attached to a physical object since the superstructure won’t have any collisions.

Swapping from $collisionmodel to $collisionjoints will allow you to split hulls to different bones to handle things like rotating turrets if that’s what you mean.