Problem with collison model

recently I finished a model with Milkshape and when i export it to Garry’s Mod I noted that the collision model does not follow the physical form of the model.
But it formed a sort of box around it.
how could I fix it?

thanks in advance for your help.

Did you write your own .qc or did you generate it with studiocompiler or something?

If a model is told to use its own reference SMD to generate a collision model, it will create a cheap, convex model that shrink-wraps around the borders of the geometry.

In order to make a concave collision model work properly, you must apply a texture to it, flip all of its faces and apply a smoothing group modifier to it. Remember to make it as simple and low-poly as possible, too.

thanks a lot, I’ll try this
Also, my qc file, did I missed something ?

$modelname "lagdj1/lagdj1.mdl"
$cdmaterials "models/lagdj1"

$scale 1.0
$surfaceprop "metal"

$body "Body" "lagdj1.smd"

$sequence "idle" "lagdj1.smd" fps 30

$collisionmodel "lagdj1_collision.smd"
$mass 800

most important thing for collision.

Thanks for the command,
I tried to do what you say but i have an error with GUIsutiomdl:

WARNING: Bad collision model, check your smoothing groups!!!
aWARNING: Truncating model!!!!
WARNING: lagdj2_collision.smd has bad smoothing groups

hope you can help me.

Tell all your exact steps you did to make collision model.

I simplify the structure of the model in three blocks, then I assign it a smoothing group , then I export it with the name lagdj1_collision.

you assign to each block different smoothing group! And then apply same material to all of them/.

I try what you say and I have the same error in GUIstudio.


nevermind, i think the issue whas due to milkshape, i try with khed and it work, big thanks for your help