Problem with command "kill"

Whenever i type kill in the console,and then hit enter a message appears on the screen saying:
if youre stuck,good luck getting out.WTF?!

A malicious lua script

crap,how do i find it?

Clean out your “LUA” in garry’s mod folder
They hide in one folder, I just cannot remeber which one.


You are on DarkRP.

Actually, I’m pretty sure there’s some ASSMod plugin that does that…

Or that.

Do you have Assmod installed? It does that too.

It is NOT “A malicious lua script”,Its an assmod plugin.

nope dont have it

It’s an assmod plugin. I can’t remember what it’s called, but look in addons/assmod/lua/plugins and see which ones related to kill. It’s not the normal kill plugin I know that much.