Problem with compiling models for HL2 SMOD

Hi Im having this HUGE problem with recompiling a citizen model for HL2 specifically source engine 2006 version. It works perfectly on regular Half Life 2 2017 but when i bring it over to a 2006 engine like SMOD, it causes the hands and feet to stretch beyond humanity’s understanding of the universe. If anyone knows the fix to this, it will be greatly appreciated! I don’t know who else to turn to so i’m here. The model itself works fine, animations and textures are working perfectly. It does this only when it comes to ragdolls. Thanks in advance!

“As I looked up into the sky, I saw… hands”

The Source Engine im working on is 2006.
I used CannonFodders MDL Decompiler and redid everything in Crowbar, both gave same results.
I am working on SMOD as I am trying to create my own mod using the gore system from SMOD

I have run a few tests, grabbing ALL models from 2004 build of Half Life 2. All models were decompiled and recompiled immediately without any changes.

Male01 = Missing Face, No Ragdoll Stretch
Male02 - Male09 = Ragdoll Stretch
Female01 - Female07 = Ragdoll Stretch

Male01 - Male02 = No Problems
Male03 - Male09 = Ragdoll Stretch
Female01 - Female07 = Ragdoll Stretch

Male01 - Male09 = No Problems
Female01 - Female07 = Ragdoll Stretch

Alyx = Ragdoll Stretch
Mossman = Ragdoll Stretch

As you can see, all female models are messed up.

Any solution? Any idea?
Any help would be appreciated :frowning: