Problem with constraint.Rope

I’m trying to rope two entities together. The rope draws but whole “constraining” part doesn’t occur. Any help would be appreciated.

local forcelimit = 0;
     local addlength     = 0;
     local material      = "cable/cable2"
     local width      = 2;
     local rigid         = true;
     local WPos1, WPos2 = self.Entity:GetPos(), self.prop:GetPos()
     local LPos1, LPos2 = self.Entity:WorldToLocal(WPos1), self.prop:WorldToLocal(WPos2)
     --local length = (WPos1 - WPos2):Length()
 local constraint, rope = constraint.Rope( self.Entity, self.prop, 0, 0, LPos1, LPos2, 10, addlength, forcelimit, width, material, rigid )

EDIT: Fixed! The physics object was not set up right (no move type I think)